I am excited to launch my campaign for Waltham City Councilor Ward 9!

I am running for our city council because I love this city and want to share a new vision for what’s possible.

20 years ago, my family arrived here in hopes of achieving the American Dream. I not only learned English here-
thanks to the amazing teachers at Fitzgerald Elementary School – but also, the value of hard work and community. Waltham is the most welcoming place I’ve ever known.


Today, we have made enormous strides. With recent investments for a new high school, it’s an exciting time to be part of this community. However, I see more and more families struggling to stay in Waltham due to rising housing costs. Unbalanced growth has jeopardized some of our greatest assets: our diversity and our mobility.

With rent and traffic rising, it’s clear we face a junction in our history. We either make Waltham a truly Welcoming
City –inclusive to the economic realities of working class families. Or we become another gentrified extension of Boston.

As someone who works at a public sector union, I work every day to defend the rights of working class people.
Whether it’s food service workers, custodians or librarians, it’s my duty to ensure our members get better wages and benefits in a shrinking economy.

As your City Councilor, I want to utilize those experiences and ensure our economy works everyone. I want to increase our affordable
housing options, invest in renewable energy and proactively address the needs of our youth and seniors. We
can plan ahead for climate change and ensure the youth are not forgotten in the process. We can have a state-of-the-art high school with local food production.

Waltham can be that modern city on a hill.

This is a people-powered campaign.

It’s our future, our time.
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